Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Bootcamp with Stan Siranovich (former data analyst CDC Foundation)

By April 22, 2022 a total of 1,247,131 events had been filed claiming injury or death due to COVID-19 vaccines. There is good reason to believe that this is a small percentage of injuries and deaths.

During this workshop, former CDC Foundation analyst Stan Siranovich will explain:

  • why he quit his job with the CDC Foundation
  • what the VAERS database reveals about COVID-19 vaccines
  • what the CDC should be doing with this information and why the agency is failing to act
  • how to analyze the data yourself (it changes every day as new reports are submitted)
  • how to download and create spreadsheets that reflect specific ages, date ranges, and injury types
  • and more!

Date:  Monday July 18
Time:  7:00-10:00PM eastern time
Delivery method:  Zoom webinar
Tuition:  $149 members | $179 non-members

To register, call 614-841-7700
Space is limited, so do not wait to register!

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