I have heard several people recommend MMS, but I really got interested when someone told me about her mother. Here is what she had to say about Ozone Drops when I asked if she had personally experienced good results: “Yes I have. My mom (71 and Smoker) had Covid and received an IV of Ozone [gas]. Next day she was up cleaning the house and washing dishes….lol I was amazed.  The drops she drank while we were there and tested her blood before and after. Not sure if there was some trickery going on but looked legit to me.  Her blood was completely different after it.”

I contacted her and she was kind enough to share the phone number of the owner of the company. He explained the science behind how it works. If you watch the Ozone Drops video available on the Vax Injury/Shedding page, you’ll see that the Red Blood Cells change polarity from a negative to a positive charge when they interact with Graphene Oxide. That is causing them to stick to each other and stack like coins instead of repel as they should. Chlorine Dioxide, in a Saline Solution, increases oxygen in the blood reversing the clots. He informed me that one of his clients became magnetized that never received the shot. It’s possible the GO is traveling through the air and into unvaccinate people. Keeping your body alkalized will help. The human body is an electrical system. When your body has high Acidity, it is low electricity and low PH. When your body is more Alkaline, it is high electricity and high PH. I’ll look back at my notes, but one of the supplements increases your bodies ability to create Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin absorbs extra oxygen molecules and detoxifies impurities. We’re made to live on a high level of oxygen. Cancer, viruses, etc. are all from low oxygen levels. His final tip was to sweat out impurities, which will clean out your lymph nodes. Exercise is very important to maintain a clean system and remove impurities.

Ozone machines are another option. His have a lifetime warranty and are Made in USA.

Upon further research of MMS, I found an article Posted by Jennifer Shipp | May 26, 2019 |

“Chlorine dioxide, also known as MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement, is used to treat a wide variety of infectious and degenerative diseases. In treating cancer, the substance is able to cause cancer cells to revert back into normal, healthy cells. Cancer patients often combine chlorine dioxide with dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) to create an even more powerful treatment protocol. But MMS can also be used to cure influenza or the common cold (which, by the way, is a coronavirus). It works by oxidizing pathogens, which is rather like causing them to explode. The chemistry that makes MMS-DMSO work against pathogens is the reason why it has such a broad action against so many different types of microorganisms from viruses and bacteria to parasites and protozoans. This is a powerful combination. This author has personally used DMSO and MMS to cure malaria, canker sores, cat bites, flu, colds, skin wounds, and the big “C”: Cancer.

But first-time users of MMS should start slowly and observe how their body reacts to MMS. If you are very ill with a disease like cancer or malaria, it’s essential that your body can detoxify quickly as you kill the offending pathogens.”

The chemical reaction of chlorine dioxide in your body will give off salt. If your body is having trouble regulating salt, don’t use chlorine dioxide.

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