Who We Are:

People Against Coerced Shots was organized by a group of friends to research the risks of the COVid-19 vaccines, to protect people from irreversible damage and possible death from experimental injections, to educate the public on their medical rights, educate them on how to stay healthy and safe from the COVid virus and to save lives! We were established in McKinney, TX, USA.

We became incredibly concerned when several in our group started having shedding side effects and seeing our loved ones become ill from the shot!

Several in our group (not vaxxed) have experienced headaches, irregular menstrual cycles, pain in breasts, urinary tract infections, and cysts in the uterus from being in close quarters with people who got the shot. One person even started having periods again after going through menopause. This was extremely alarming and some of us had to take time off work and stop visiting family members. We are fearful for our kids because we know the vaccine can reduce fertility and some children are starting to bleed from their nose, vagina, and internally as a rash. We feel we were brought together to share in the journey of this topic which social media and news media want to control. Now that we have others to talk to, we don’t feel alone in this modern era of medical experimentation. Please share any of your experiences and what you have found to help.