Graphene Oxide

I took these notes from 2 sources. The first is Dr Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show and the second is a friend who is a physicist and engineer. 

It has been confirmed by labs in multiple countries and also a former Pfizer employee who had access to the ingredient list that there is graphene oxide (GO) in the vaccines. The concern for this is that graphene oxide in vaccines has what is called an electronic absorption band. At a specific frequency it could become ‘excited’ and oxidize quickly. In other words, a specific frequency signal from radio or cell towers could cause the graphene oxide to oscillate rapidly and cause havoc in one’s body within a few hours. It will cause an inflammation storm. Graphene Oxide is in both Pfizer and Moderna (mode RNA). 

GO is a magnetic dipole. It can be excited at its multiple modes of motion and the fundamental first harmonic and succeeding harmonics at ever higher frequencies. It’s like a dumbbell with a positive and negative end and space in between. If you fix the negative end and allow the positive to move around, that’s one mode of motion. If you don’t fix either end that’s another mode of motion. It can vibrate in primary frequency and the harmonics. Hypothetically speaking, someone could program 5G towers to send out a signal wave or even to send multiple signals at once using the different modes of motion and the signal would affect people with graphene oxide in their blood. 

Graphene oxide can enter the body in many ways. It is currently used to treat water for industrial use. It is also in various products including feminine pads. It’s theorized that a person who is not vaccinated could breathe GO into their lungs from aerosols expelled by people who got the jab. 

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