Dr. Daniel Nuzum Detox 101 Video Notes

Sept 15, 2021 https://vsecretscc.com/episode-11-closed (By subscription only)

You need to detox to get rid of the following in your body:

  1. Irritation
  2. Inflammation
  3. Infection

The following organisms can disrupt your system. If you get rid of the biggest first, the little organisms will likely disappear. The largest are Parasites, then Bacteria, Fungus, and then Virus. If you detox from the largest first, the body can then respond to the smaller issues.

For a general detox, you should detox the following parts of your body in this order:

  1. Colon (Digestive system. Juice detox options are easy to find.)
  2. Lymphatic System (Cleans every tissue of the body. Try a sauna or exercise until you sweat.)
  3. Kidney (Get plenty of fluids. The kidney regulates salts, minerals, and metals. Some helpful foods are: Parsley, cilantro, watermelon, and ginger. Get up to 4.7 grams of potassium per day. Foods high in potassium are banana, sweet potato, avocado, spinach, dates, raisins, and marinara sauce.)
  4. Liver (Drink a baking soda solution for this or find other resources online. Be careful to take the right dose.)

My personal comments:

If you are doing a parasite detox of any kind, what I learned from personal experience is that you should detox the colon first and then start the detox of your body parts listed above. Ivermectin can be used to get rid of parasites. You can also use a combination of wormwood, cloves, and black walnut hull. Another option is black seed oil. If you are detoxing a specific parasite or doing a parasite detox of any kind, be aware that any bacteria, fungus or viruses will lose their host (the parasite) and start attacking you. This may require getting rid of each of these problems as they begin to affect your health.  I wasn’t able to get rid of the bacterial infection without using antibiotics. After that treatment, I had an overgrowth of yeast. Luckily, a natural treatment to decrease yeast is carrot juice. Juicing daily keeps the yeast from getting out of control.

One way to kill off parasites, bacteria, and viruses is by using electric current at specific frequencies by following the directions in the book, The Cure for all Diseases by Hulda Clark. This is a very low level of electric current, so you will not be harmed. However, after trying the zapping technique I realized that I had just killed off good bacteria and viruses my body needs as well as bad ones. I am now working to re-establish a healthy microbiome with foods and probiotics.

For more helpful detox information visit: https://drclarkstore.com/pages/cleanse-directions

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