Hospital Tips

Many friends are being hospitalized for illnesses. Hospitals should be safe places where we can be healed. Our first recommendation is to know what hospitals in your area follow the FLCCC protocols. Even if you aren’t going to the hospital for COVid, how they treat their COVid patients will tell you a lot about how the hospital is run.

Our advice is, try to do as much at home as possible. This means, get an oxygen meter. Get medications in advance and take vitamin supplements to stay healthy.

Patient advocate and home health advocate

Hospital Update Video

Documents to have on hand:

Texas Law: You can stay with your loved one in the hospital!

To hear about others that have dealt with bad hospital experiences:

More Suggestions:

Print all papers and cross out what you don’t agree with. Watch for the agreement to be Vaxxed in there too. 

When crossing out, say “no consent” and initial.

When people sign papers the hospital becomes the trustee and assumes a patient only has privileges until we push back and enforce we have rights and they have privileges. 

They are subject to following the UCC 1-308 code. 

They are commercial and when we put in handwriting our directives are an affidavit (powerful word here important). You can put a thumbprint and it counts as notarized, I believe. 

Make sure all directives including Medical power of attorney are scanned into their file. Make sure to have a copy of their “Patient Bill of Rights” before you hand over any insurance information. 

Then ask the doctor to verify they have seen the directives are in the file. If not, send them back to look. If so, move forward. 

You have a right to invoke your common law rights when you put everything in writing. 

Bring a copy of Senate Bill 572 with a lawyer letter in case you need help with visitation.

If possible, always reject the COVid test. 

Remember, we are here to help! Be strong! You’ve got this!