March 2022 News

CDC “error” counted deaths as Covid related:

Updates from TX Senator Bob Hall

For more stories about hospital protocols visit

Biden-Ukraine Lab Connection

Attention Parents!

Now that the FDA has approved the Pfizer Covid Shot for EUA for ages 5-11, we need to be proactive in protecting our children. The WHO has stated that sending your child to school on Vaccine Day is considered “implied consent.” Of course, they probably won’t tell you when vaccine day is going to be. Protect your rights by sending a “Does Not Consent” form to your child’s school. Have them put it in their medical file. Also, make sure to write that you do not consent to any vaccine or shot if your child gets hurt playing sports. In fact, we recommend writing on your child’s sports forms that you do not consent to any medical treatment without verbal or written consent.

We have been told that some schools don’t want to accept this form because they don’t give shots on campus during the school day. Please download our “Full Information Packet”. It has documentation from the WHO that sending your child to school is implied consent!

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