Tale of Two Friends

This story is a tale of 2 friends that had a loved one in the hospital this past month. (Names have been changed.) One friend, Susan, had a group of friends that she could call upon and a wealth of medical information about FCCC protocols. She had bought some supplements and basic items like an oxygen meter and nebulizer. Susan received a phone call that her loved one was in the hospital. She rushed over and just as she got there, the nurse was about to administer something. Susan asked what it was and the nurse replied “It’s just an antibiotic.” When pressed, she said it was Remdesivir. She told them she will not accept that drug. She also asked what her loved one’s oxygen level was. It was 97%. They said she had been tested for COVid and it came back positive. Susan called upon her friends for advice. They encouraged her and gave her a list of doctors and patient advocates she can call. They reminded her that she needs to leave the hospital if she can do so safely. Since her loved one was breathing well and had no other health conditions that warranted a hospital stay, she told the hospital staff she was taking her loved one home. They required her to sign a form stating this was against the advice of the doctors, and she left. Since her loved one normally lived in a nursing facility and they would not take a COVid patient, Susan had to care for her loved one at her home for about a week. During that time she became the patient’s Power of Attorney. (I highly recommend doing that before they get sick.) Caring for a loved one isn’t easy, but it is absolutely worth it. Susan’s family member is now healthy again and back in the nursing home!

That same week I had another friend, Becca. This friend also had a loved one go to the hospital. Becca’s family member already had gotten the vaccine. He was having body parts shutting down and overall health wasn’t good. He told his family that he wanted to follow the advice of the doctors in the hospital. Becca wasn’t educated about FCCC protocols and wouldn’t listen to what she called “Anti-vaxxers.” Her loved one was diagnosed with COVid and the doctors decided to give him Remdesivir. For those of you that don’t know, this drug was pulled from the pharmaceutical trial because it had over 50% death rate in patients. It destroys the patient’s kidneys and fills the lungs with fluid. As her loved one deteriorated they family continued to follow the hospital protocol and chose to put him on a ventilator. The family was at peace with knowing their loved one would soon pass from this world. After much suffering the family member did pass away. He was in a lot of pain and was ready to go. Truly my heart aches for this story.

This doesn’t have to happen. Our list of hospital advocates is under the Hospital Tips tab. In Texas family members are allowed visitation rights. Contact Senator Bob Hall if you need more assistance.

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