Muscle Testing

There is a spiritual element to good health. I pray about the various supplements I take and many of the decisions I make throughout the day. A friend recommended “The Emotion Code” book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Here is a How to Guide created in a session with my daughter and by my good friend. In order to learn these techniques easily, it’s helpful to have a guide ask you questions, but you can do it alone too.

Always start with a prayer. Invite the Holy Spirit into the space around you and your heart. Ask God to pour out his grace upon you so that you may hear His voice. Be open to light and knowledge and willing to accept His will. God will pour out His mysteries to those who will seek them through faith. Christ’s atonement covers forgiveness, but also enlightenment. There is power the name of Jesus.

The Holy Ghost gives thoughts to your mind, but often all we get is a simple yes or a no. Some people experience a yes by feeling their chest burning, goosebumps, pulling their body forward, heart pounding, calm, or breathing easily. Muscles respond to the Spirit strengthening them. “No” feels like a weird chest feeling, tension, yucky, body moves away/ fetal position.

Ask the Lord yes or no questions. 

One way is to stand up and your body will naturally sway forward and back.

Say positive words: love, yes, joy, peace, happiness, Jesus, hope, prosperity, good.

Those words make the body pull forward.

When I feel too much negative, I say the positive words to reset my spirit so I can listen.

Say negative words: hate, envy, mean, ugly, Satan, lies, no. Feel your body want to get away. Feel free to try other muscle test techniques listed online or in the Emotion Code book. 

Use the Holy Ghost for repentance. Repentance helps us become more like God. The Emotion code is really repentance or turning to be like Heavenly Father. 

To be like our Father is remembering the higher purpose in life. Truth comes from the Father. 

The Holy Spirit may have helpers from the spirit world guiding us and communicating through our muscles. Some suggestions are: Learn about Worthiness. Clear sin before Sunday each week. Ask Him to change your heart and habits. Pray to know if Jesus is the Christ. Increase your faith.

Trapped Emotions can harm our bodies. Emotions and also beliefs can get trapped. The Root is the first time you think a false belief and it grows branches to reinforce the belief. If it comes back up again you might have to clear it more than once. You may create new anger by revisiting an old thought. The Holy Ghost can train you to think a new way. There is Energy in your body. 

How do I use revelation? It can be different at different times depending on my needs. You can use it to learn and understand. The Holy Ghost can help you study. You can release trapped emotions and false beliefs from the past or ask what you should or shouldn’t do. You can find out how to do something or know if something is right or wrong. It can help you acknowledge the truth about your worth and your spiritual gifts. You can clear emotions for other people too. 

Ask: Can I clear stuff about that? How? Prayer can clear false beliefs. If there is bad energy that was felt by a group, you can acknowledge it and pray to let go of that pain. 

Read the book and learn how to use a chart to find hidden information about the past or future. Pay attention to how you feel and thoughts in your mind. Use the Core negative beliefs chart. Get the Emotion Code Book. Use the Body Code Chart. Contact me if you would like these charts.

Dehydration can interfere with listening.

Sicknesses can be more than 1 thing: virus, allergy, biological, environmental.

Guide: How do you feel the Holy Spirit? 

Me: I Have a thought or idea. Sometimes it’s easy to breathe. “No” feels like stress and tension in my neck or chest. When I feel a no it blocks my ability to feel a yes. I have to reset by using positive words to feel the Spirit. 

When starting an emotion code session, one way is to ask: Who, what, when, where, why, how.

Do we need to find out more about the Past, present, Future?

Is there something in this house that can help me? Where? It could be from a book. What chapter of this book? 

An example of how to clear a problem: My child has trouble focusing. We learned she struggles with that by design. We asked: Why was she created with this problem? Answer: God made her this way. Be happy about that! We also asked: How will this help her? What is her Energy type? Answer: She is making choices about what she wants to focus on instead of what the parent, teacher or adult says to focus on. Question: What are ways to prevent the other person from getting upset? Answer: Ask the spirit what to focus on. How can she communicate her priorities? Core principle: We love her. She isn’t bad.

Removing the trapped emotion: Can I clear that? Is there more I can ask about that? Can I clear all of it? How many more things do we need to know in this session?

Muscle testing is partially finding out what your body wants, but even more important, what God wants. God wants what’s best for us. He is all knowing. We can trust His answers to bring us to a better place. We can’t imagine what He has in store for us. The Holy Spirit can teach us things our minds cannot yet comprehend. God is good and we are heavenly creatures. This earth isn’t our final destination. We always have a choice about if we will follow Christ once we receive revelation, but our souls yearn for our heavenly home. The answers we receive will be in harmony with what will bring us ultimate happiness and communion with God.


Pray and ask Heavenly Father to remove the trapped emotion and replace it with peace and healing. Make what was broken whole again. Remove the root and all the branches associated with that trapped emotion or false belief. Put me right with God and repair any relationships that have been damaged.

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