Reverse Vaxx Injuries at cellular level

Unbreakable Healing: Reverse Vaxx Injuries at a Cellular Level – Episode 2. Watched on June 2, 2022 Produced by Jonathan Otto

Dr Russell Marz

Intravenous vitamin cocktails. Ozone therapy, sensory deprivation. Vaccine injury doesn’t just affect one pathology. Clean the body with fasting. Let the body do the healing. Treating long covid through fasting. March, June, September are when he does annual fasting. Social isolation is the opposite of what we should do for health. Levels of Covid Vax injury: Noticeable injury. Some seem to sense something is wrong. Some didn’t have any change in their health from the Covid Vax. Pursue good health. What are blue zones? The healthiest people. 7th day Adventists are one group. Stress is reduced. Good physical activity. Enjoy fun activities like happy movies. Be in community.

Detox niacin, folic acid, wipe body with hydrogen peroxide.

(Dr Merritt says Hydrogen peroxide damages cells).

Use hyperbaric chamber as fast as possible with acute injury. 

Hydrogen water or breathing hydrogen can improve blood vessels and the heart, acid reflux can stem from lack of hydrogen. 

Chia and flax seeds

Green leafy veggies

High metals in body cause EMF sensitivity. Add organ meat folic acid and infrared sauna.

Some of the best cleanses for metals are: Quicksilver scientific-Cube: Dr Shed’s detox protocol. True cellular detox by Dr Pompa, and John Duyard Colorado cleanse. 

Dr. Lee Merritt talked about don’t use too much MMS miracle solution ie: chlorine dioxide is very helpful, but  you will detox too quickly. 1 drop in tall glass of water per day. Drink the glass over an hour or two. After 2-3 weeks go up to 2 drops. 10 or 15 drops would be the max after months. Test CIMT.

Dr. Ealy

D Dimer test food sensitivity test.

11 days immune priming 3 days fasting with supplements like sere peptide if you eat protein with it, the supplement will break down the food instead of healing the body. 

90% raw food diet.

IV vitamin C, Quercetin, etc.

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