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1. Covid Vaccine Facts for Ages 5-18, 2. WHO Document Stating Children and Teachers can Give Consent, 3. Form to notify school you Do Not Consent, 4. Petition asking your School District to Stop Hosting Covid Clinic, 5. Homeschool Information, 6. Resources to Sue a School District,

1. Covid Vaccine Facts for ages 5-18:

Experimental Vaccine: The pediatric trial was only a few months long for the Covid vaccine. Fewer than 3,000 kids participated in the trial.

Infection from Covid: Kids often have mild symptoms from Covid. There are early treatment options available. Visit and click “Covid Treatment” to learn more.

Prior infection: If you had COVid-19 you already have antibodies against COVid. You do not need a shot. Your immunity is long lasting. Vaccines last a limited time and will require a booster shot.

Hospitalization: Most hospitalizations from Covid were for kids with multiple underlying conditions and Covid was not the main reason for the hospitalization.

Recovery rate: The recovery rate for children with Covid is 99.99%.

mRNA Vaccines: This is not a traditional vaccine. It modifies your genetics to create spike proteins, which your immune system will fight. Spike proteins target tissues such as the heart, lung, liver, brain, sperm & ovaries. The Covid Vaccine does not reduce viral load or transmission.

What if you have an adverse reaction? Vaccine Companies are free from liability. If you are injured or die from their product you will have to cover all costs.

Deaths: There have been more deaths in VAERS (the CDC/FDA vaccine adverse event reporting system) from COVid shots than all other vaccines combined.

Side effects exhibited by teens (5-11 side effects are still unknown):

Myocarditis-inflammation of the heart muscle.

Pericarditis-inflammation of the heart lining and chest pain.

Anaphylaxis-allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Blood clots-in various tissues of the body including brain, heart, lung, etc.

Youth are more likely to have an adverse reaction to the shot than a hospitalization from Covid.



4. Petition for No Vaccines on Campus


5. Home School Information


6. Resources to Sue a School District or College