How to Find Truth

I am being accused by some individuals of being crazy, and blowing my concern for the Covid vaccines way out of proportion. I have also been accused of letting fear control me. I feel that I am using logical arguments to come to my conclusions. I hope my logic will make you consider some things that you hadn’t put together before.

As for the fear…I admit I feel fear because I believe my loved ones will suffer unnecessarily. My fear isn’t what’s driving my actions though. As a Christian I believe I will someday meet my maker and have to account for my life. I will be asked if I visited the sick and the afflicted and if I fed the hungry. Right now people are starving for truth. Medicines are being withheld from the sick. Preventative treatments that are cheap and readily available are being kept from my friends and neighbors. My actions aren’t that of a zealot running around and screaming aimlessly. My actions are to give others control over their own health.

I’ve been thinking about truth. What do I know is true and what do I suspect is true? When it comes to the vaccine here is what I don’t know. I don’t know what is in the vaccine or what it does.

Where do we find truth? Usually people believe what they see with their own eyes, what they hear from their friends and loved ones, and they listen to experts. I started feeling alarmed about this vaccine when I heard it is experimental because it alters your genetic code. I was skeptical at first, so I decided to research this new mRNA injection.

I have friends that say it doesn’t alter your genetic code. I would ask them: Would you believe Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson? I went straight to the source and actually watched the FDA Emergency Use Approval Zoom conferences they each held last fall. I listened to the Doctors and researchers explain what the vaccine is supposed to do. Whether it actually does that is unknown, but I will take them at their word. They said they will remove a piece of your genetic code in your messenger RNA and replace it with a computer generated code. I fear tampering with our genetic code may have long term unknown effects. That is where my journey began.

I saw a red flag when I found out about the Nuremberg Code. Basically, after WWII all the countries around the world decided that no medical experiment will ever again be done on humans without informed consent. That means they need to know what is in the medical treatment and what side effects are possible. In addition, the Nuremberg Code states that no one can be coerced or bribed into accepting experimental treatment. In the US, rigorous tests are done on new medications. As you know, this vaccine skipped the trials and went straight into Emergency Use Authorization. The clinical trials will be complete in 2025.

Many people are being bribed or forced to take this vaccine if they want to keep their jobs or go on an airplane, etc. That goes against the Nuremberg Code as well. This to me is a huge red flag.

I believe people doctors that I have met in person. My Primary Care Physician says that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine work for Covid-19. She has seen the results first hand. Sometimes when a medical treatment is new, doctors try it and use the results to determine if it is effective. Doctors always weigh the possible side effects when prescribing something and should share that information with their patients. Both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have been on the market for decades. As long as used in the proper dose the side effects are very minimal. She said she has to be cautious because if she prescribes them a lot she will lose her medical license. Is she concerned about something that might actually happen or is she just being too worried? Unfortunately, other doctors in the area that my friends have actually met have lost their medical licenses for giving preventative medication for Covid. This is another huge red flag.

I have personally met Doctor Fleming who is receiving death threats for his speech against big pharma. Our First Amendment protects free speech. The beauty of free speech is that normal people can to listen to both sides of any argument and come to their own conclusions. If the scale is tipped to one side so that only one side may speak, then people won’t get a sense of the whole picture. In this particular discussion, those on the front lines should be the experts we listen to. If the doctors and nurses that actually see patients and see the side effects of the virus and the treatments can’t speak out, people won’t be able to make an educated decision.

Censorship is a huge concern. There are some that don’t believe censorship is a problem. They admit that some people are getting kicked off Facebook, but they justify it by saying those people are inappropriate and shouldn’t be on there. Going back to what I said in the beginning, people find truth by listening to their friends and loved ones. If a group of friends that all hold the same belief are removed from your view, you won’t be able to hear the arguments they make to explain why they hold that belief. You won’t be able to tell if the percentage of your friends that believe a certain way is large or small. You may get the feeling that you are in the minority, when perhaps you are actually in the majority. You may wonder if there may be a flaw in your logic.

All the news media are all giving the same message. They say the vaccine is safe and effective. They don’t interview people with opposing views. They don’t investigate the patterns that people are starting to see, such as vaccine side effects. Facebook is shutting down groups so they can’t communicate. Even websites are being taken down. Some search engines select what links come to the top when you do a search based on their political biases. This is yet another red flag that something is not right about this vaccine. I have tried posting the website of Americas Frontline Doctors on Facebook and the post was immediately deleted. Whether they are legit or not is not for Facebook executives to decide. Allowing Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat executives to determine who gets to have Free Speech is against the law. They get special tax exemption status because they are a free speech platform. That needs to be addressed by our government officials. I believe that everyone should have free speech or no one should. People can’t make informed decisions if they can’t even hear from their own friends.

The ultimate expert that is used by both sides of the argument is the CDC. They track cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. Using their numbers, we know that although people are getting sick from Covid-19, the severe cases aren’t nearly as bad as first predicted. They have a database of vaccine injuries. Listening to Dr. Fleming and others, I have heard it is difficult to submit vaccine injuries from the three Covid vaccines to the VAERS system. He spent hours on the phone and still never got an answer about how to submit his patient’s information. Even with that hurdle, there have been over 14,000 deaths reported to the VAERS database from Covid vaccines. That may sound small compared to the number of deaths from Covid-19, but it is triple the number of deaths of all other vaccine combined. Let me explain. It is triple the number of deaths of all other vaccines combined over the entire time that VAERS has existed, over 30 years!

I am going to conclude by saying this vaccine is dangerous. The side effects significantly outweigh the benefits for anyone that isn’t in a high-risk category. Those high-risk individuals should weigh their options carefully. This vaccine is an unknown, being rolled out worldwide to people who are not even significantly at risk from severe Covid symptoms. I don’t personally know the Covid vaccines are dangerous because I didn’t get the vaccine, but I do know people that have been harmed by the vaccine. I know people who had a heart attack or stroke only days after getting the vaccine and I know people who are now sterile after getting the vaccine. With the level of censorship, people aren’t hearing these stories. All I can think to do is tell people in positions of leadership, which I am doing, and stand on the street and hold signs, pass out information packets, etc. I will do what I can to overcome the censorship.

I hope you can acknowledge that the lack of Free Speech is quite possibly the biggest problem of our day. Not only are people being silenced on social media, but people are actually losing their jobs for speaking out. Doctors are losing their licenses. Nurses are being removed from their jobs. Some of us are self-censoring. For example, I have left my job because I refuse to push a narrative. It is my opinion that if enough people recognize that this cancel culture is wrong, we can change the trajectory, but it will take great effort to share the truth.

I hope you will join me in seeking truth and acting according to your convictions. Don’t act out of fear. Act out of love for your fellow men. Act out of love for this world. Act out of love for your creator. Be the beacon on the hill and give light to anyone within your sphere of influence. Do your own research to simply ask: What is truth? Where can I find the truth? What can I do to share truth with others? You’ll be amazed at what happens when you do this!

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