April Updates

Response to Snake Venom Theory

Dr. Ardis shared a disturbing video in April claiming that Remdesivir is actually snake venom and that Covid-19 comes from snake venom, which has been added to our drinking water. I immediately asked Dr. Fleming for his opinion, because he is an expert in the field and understands the DNA structure of Covid-19. Dr. Fleming shared his insight in a few videos I will link below. He stated that he believes Dr. Ardis is a good person and has been right on so many things, but this is not a correct theory. Dr. Fleming continued to explain how Dr. Ardis arrived at his conclusion and where the flaws in the source material was. In addition, Dr. Fleming has already done DNA testing on Covid-19 and also the vaccines and knows exactly where the sequence has been altered by human manipulation. Both Covid-19 and the vaccine have been genetically altered by humans in several areas of the DNA sequence. Those changes correlate with patents and also previous viruses such as AIDS. Check out the links below to hear Dr. Fleming in his own words.



British children 52 times more likely to die if vaccinated


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